Net Medical Xpress Services is your full telemedicine service provider. CT's, Echos. EKG's, Flouoscopies, MRI's, Nuclear, Ultrasounds, Vascular and X-Rays are read within a web-based environment. No overhead impact while data integrity, PHI, security and HIPAA are maintained.

20 November, 2014
Net Medical Xpress Services

Net Medical Xpress Services

We provide efficient and effective telemedicine services designed for the challenges of web-based medical services without adding to your overhead while reading all types of studies - CT, Echos, EKG, Flouroscopy, MRI, Nuclear, Ultrasound, Vascular and X-Ray. Our office and operations center is staffed 24/7/365 to expedite interpretations. With 59 American Board-certified radiologists and 17 cardiologists reading for us our Operations team manages the workload for the over 15,600 facilities on our system. With stats showing final reports returning in less than 45 minutes and others within 2 hours, our average response time has been 15 minutes for stats and 18 minutes for most exams, among the best turn-around-times in the industry. Formal reports are dictated, transcribed and available to the client via web-based program or by fax. Data integrity, PHI, security and HIPAA compliance are always maintained.

Key Benefits

  • All Reads Are Final
  • 35 Board Certified Specialists
  • 2 Hour Finals, STATs Within 45 Minutes
  • HIPAA Compliant And FDA Cleared
Net Medical Xpress™ products and services are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications and are intended for research use for other applications.
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